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San Francisco, CA: Oh to be [at the de] Young again

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When you bring me and my sister together in a foreign country, one thing is for certain: there is going to be a lot of walking and exploring (and eating) involved. And so it was, that when we were in San Francisco last April for a week, we ended up walking around the city an average of 15-20 kilometers per day. We went from Land’s End to the Golden Gate Bridge, to scenic Sausalito, and all the way to uber-colorful Mission District, downtown, and North Beach. We got so caught up in our wanderlust that it wasn’t until our fourth day in the city that we realized our bodies—never our spirits!—were actually tired.

While this in no way deterred us from going out, we agreed on making an easy day of it. Less walking, more relaxing. And because apart from sharing a love for travel, we’re also both quite the art aficionados, we ended up spending the day at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.  Continue reading “San Francisco, CA: Oh to be [at the de] Young again”

Seoul, South Korea: Where everyday is Valentine’s day

Seoul Fall 2013: Day 2

“There are only couples in South Korea,” affirmed Sue, the manager of the Grape Garden Guesthouse where we stayed. This, after my sister and I pointed out the glaring obvious after roaming around Seoul all day. We had spent much of our first day in the area surrounding City Hall, and a few hours into our aimless wandering, we both came to the same conclusion: in South Korea, coupling seemed to be the norm. Continue reading “Seoul, South Korea: Where everyday is Valentine’s day”

Grub and graffiti: Our mission in The Mission


“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.”—Banksy, Wall and Piece

No other day gave M and I the crazy level of sensory overload the way our trip to The Mission did. Continue reading “Grub and graffiti: Our mission in The Mission”

Why backpacking in Myanmar is not for the faint of heart

Myanmar: Last day in Yangon

It’s true when they say that Myanmar is quite different from other countries in Southeast Asia. For one, being in the golden country feels like stepping a few decades back in time, when cassette tapes were all the rage (their taxis still use ’em, in fact) and censorship was still in the PG-13 territory—at least as far as entertainment options in cross-country bus rides are concerned. Continue reading “Why backpacking in Myanmar is not for the faint of heart”

Mt. Pulag: Solving the mystery of my missing altophobia

Conquering Pulag 2013

A few years ago, I surprised myself when I literally threw caution to the wind by jumping off a cliff and into the ocean. Twice.

Now that may sound a little cocky, but damn if I didn’t earn those bragging rights: That liquid courage-powered stunt in Ariel’s Point, Boracay saw me spending two weeks in total agony from hitting the water wrong. My upper body went bust—it hurt to breathe deeply and every time I used my arms to push myself out of bed, white hot bursts of pain would shoot up my chest. And yet even through that blurry painful haze, I knew that if given the opportunity, I would gladly be the crazy idiot and take that leap again. Continue reading “Mt. Pulag: Solving the mystery of my missing altophobia”

Iloilo: Where I come to terms with being a weirdo

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Decided to take an assignment that would take me out of MNL for a few days. Covered three stories in two days, traveling from Manila to Iloilo to Antique then back to Iloilo again. It was time mostly spent in transit, which I needed. With MNL the living, breathing bottleneck of a creature it is now, I looked forward to the early morning flight I knew would not be delayed and the long, traffic-free drive to a place I’ve never been.

Continue reading “Iloilo: Where I come to terms with being a weirdo”