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Every Body Yoga


There isn’t a shortage of #yogininspiration #yogaeverydamnday photos across all social networks of lithe, limber women doing every enviable pose imaginable. From the usual handstands and backbends, to gravity-defying arm balances and that rather Exorcist-esque variation of Kala Bhairavasana (this is worth a google), these yoginis make seemingly impossible asanas look easy peasy.

With this deluge of flawless images flooding our feeds (they’re often set against stunning sceneries, too), it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of thinking that yoga is aspirational. Or worse, that it’s the skinny girl’s practice. Continue reading “Every Body Yoga”

Not all glitter and glam


Style Weekend | The Pink Issue

The country’s top designers, models, and muses channel their creative vision to raise support for ICanServe Foundation and its advocacy of breast cancer awareness and early detection Continue reading “Not all glitter and glam”